Glyph Design Testimonials



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Dear Joseph:

Hollywood Archives Collectibles, Inc. has been working with your company, Glyph Design, since 2002.  During that time we have faced many challenging clients with very specific needs and you have always had a keen eye for delivering exceptional interpretations.  From concept to composition, color to layout and revisions to final drafts you are constantly striving to push the envelope bringing excellent results and praise from our customer base. 

Your capabilities are varied as you have created not only finished product for our company but, sales materials, advertising campaigns, posters, trade show elements as well as a vast array of concepts for prototypes.  The scope of work has not been limited to the physical as you have also succinctly produced a web presence for Hollywood Archives that continues to draw compliments from our various business partners. 

Your work ethic is top notch and overall performances have been outstanding in both meeting deadlines and going the extra mile to get work accomplished within budget.

We wanted to thank you and highly recommend you and your company Glyph Design to anyone requiring the development and execution of any creative art endeavor.


Israel Baron

CEO, Hollywood Archives Collectibles, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to share my recommendation for Glyph Design.  We have worked with Joseph for a number of years and have always been amazed with his skills.  His strength in design and logo work is among the best our company has worked with.  He has a great eye for color and a strong sense of design and how it relates to our companies.  Often we find designers who tend to focus on a limited set of designs based on what they have used in the past, but our experience with Joseph has been different.  He is able to understand what our company is looking for and build contemporary to classic designs as needed.


We are a holding company and control four other companies.  Joseph has designed all of our logos, all of our company stationary, the layout of some of our webpages, and assisted us in the design of our marketing and packaging collateral.  We continue to work with him on current projects.


Although the quality of his work is merit enough, I have been equally impressed with Joseph’s work ethic.  His “anything to make it on time” work attitude has allowed us to work late at night or on a short schedule to get projects done on a timely basis.  In one example, we were preparing for a vendor presentation to Vanity Fair.  Not only did Joseph work late for an entire week preparing for the presentation, he spent what little free time he had looking for bags and supplies to assist in the presentation.  Joseph is a great team member.  He often surprises his co-workers with bagels and has even taught my daughter how to use Adobe Photoshop on his personal time.


If you are considering someone to assist you with your design work, you won’t be disappointed.  If you would like to speak with me personally, please contact Joseph and he will share my contact information.


Very truly yours,

Eric J. Shah

CEO, The Symbex Companies

To Whom It May Concern:

Joe Tintfass worked for me as Production Designer on 2 feature films:  Dirt Merchant and Role of a Lifetime.  Joe went from script meetings to set construction.  We worked with limited funds on many demanding locations and sound stages.

His executed designs were spot on with the surroundings and the story.  Both Directors were pleased working on Joe’s production sets and at the results they saw on film.  He managed a budget and hired and supervised 20 professionals during these productions.  When you hire Joe you don’t just get a designer, you get an institution.  He is an asset to have on any project.


Ed Sanders

Producer, Role of a Lifetime

To Whom It may Concern:


I've had the pleasure to work with Joe Tintfass on and off for the past 13 years.  Joe was the Production Designer on two of my feature films, "Confessions of a Sexist Pig" and "Shiloh Season".  Joe's vision elevated the artistic quality of both films and contributed significantly to their success.


Joe is not only an extremely talented artist but an equally talented supervisor.  He was responsible for running the art department including budgeting, hiring and management.  All aspects of his job were performed flawlessly and all work was performed on time and on budget.


Finally, Joe is a wonderful collaborator.  The day to day experience of working with him was always stimulating and joyful.  I have many fond memories of our times together and look forward to many more in the future.



Sandy Tung

Director, Producer

To Whom It may Concern:

Joseph is extremely easy to work with, and I am very happy with the new website he built for my small business.  He was able to translate my company into a visually appealing and user friendly site.  When you work with Gylph Design you won't end up with a cookie cutter website template; he takes the time to create a truly custom product.  I've already seen results in the first few months.


Gary Sundell

Owner & Operator, Sun Label